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Sharm El Sheikh Diving
Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

As you may be aware, Sharm El Sheikh is situated along a coastline that has occupied a key place in history. Since the water is also unusually calm, you will find that diving in Sharm El Sheikh is better than in many other places around the world. These historical and climate characteristics combine to provide all kinds fascinating diving locations.

Regardless of whether you are interested in photographic exotic aquatic life, or diving for hidden treasure, you are sure to find dozens of sites to enjoy on your holiday to Sharm El Sheikh.

When you start diving in Sharm El Sheikh, you will find dozens of sites filled with corals and beautiful tropical fish. If you want to dive at a site that combines the best of nature with a shipwreck, then you should put the Yolanda site the top of your list. As you may be aware, the Yolanda was carrying porcelain tubs and toilets when it sank. Today, those fixtures are covered with corals and all sorts of other aquatic plants. As you prove the debris field, you are sure to be enchanted by all the fascinating colours and shapes.

Chances are, if you enjoy diving, then you have also heard about the distribution of the debris field from the Titanic. Fortunately, you don't have to dive to the bottom of the ocean to find a site filled with just as many interesting things to explore. In particular, you may be interested in the Giannis D site. If you are fascinated by boat engine rooms and other mechanical aspects, this site will keep you occupied for hours on end.

If you are looking for a bit of a mystery, then you will need to have enough skill to dive at the Rosalie Moller site. Even though the currents in this area can be difficult to navigate, you can easily spin your own story about strange happenings. Without a question, once you learn how the Rosalie Moller was sunk by the Germans during WWII, you can easily create a story of your own filled with hair raising adventures and supernatural vibrance.

Visitors to Sharm El Sheikh can visit an endless number of diving sites. Even if you are not an experienced diver, you can still enjoy areas that have calm waters and beautiful underwater seascapes. As may be expected, once you start learning about all the different sites, you will look forward to coming back to Sharm El Sheikh in order to explore all of them.

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